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This is a personal homepage on hiking, traveling, photography, sculpture, multimedia, and plants and the Horizon College. Who I am? You may know something more about me, if you have viewed all my pages. My personal homepage is now more than a thousand pages (about 525 text pages and several hundred pages with maps or photos), with approximately 510,000 words. You can get a quick overview of my homepage by using the sitemap.
(PS. The above photo of me has been made in April 2006 by Margriet van Kampen

My books

As of May 11, 2011, my first novel, "The Catalyst" has been published by the Dutch publisher Free Musketeers. More information about this novel and how to order this book, you can see the promotions page or the order page of the book at Free Musketeers. You can also order the book at
On Wednesday, July 6, 2011 I have
uploaded a video with an interview with me about this book on YouTube (in Dutch).
In April 2014, my novel has been translated into English. The book is now published as "The Catalyst" by America Star Books. You can order it at America Star Books or

On June 10, 2013 my second book has been published, again by publisher Free Musketeers. This time I wrote a travelogue about my three month journey through Madagascar from mid-March 2012 to mid June 2012. The title of the book is: "The call of the Indri - Return to a fascinating Madagascar".
In this book I describe my encounters with the people, plants and animals of this special island.
More information about this
book and how to order this book, you can see at the promotions page or the order page of the book at Free Musketeers.
On Thursday, June 13, 2013 I had a book launch of my book "The Call of the Indri - Return to fascinating Madagascar" in Reisboekhandel Pied a Terre on the Overtoom 135-137
(Amsterdam) from 17:00 to 19:00 hours. On Saturday, June 15th, I have uploaded a video of my book launch on YouTube.
In 2014, this book will
also be translated and published by America Star Books

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Living and working

I live in Amsterdam and I have worked at the Horizon College in Alkmaar. On this school (and its predecessors), I have given many years biology lessons. From 1988 I also give classes on ICT, the first several years on HAVO / MBO and VHBO From May 2000 I am teaching at the ICT College of the Horizon College. Here I give ICT courses about HTML (webdesign) and Service Desk. Materials for ICT or Biology students can be viewed and downloaded  on my website

From August 1, 2007 I work one day a week at the Gaming Works in Bodegraven, with pupils of MBO colleges.

Until August 1, 2002 I had a role in supporting colleagues in the College ICT field, especially in developing up websites, multimedia applications and the construction of databases. ..........



From June 1, 2002, a number of activities have been continued by my own company, F. Triep Multimedia

Besides websites I have created a number of multimedia applications in Authorware. For the product Molecular Genetics (A Multimedia program on the construction and operation of DNA for Biology courses) I have made a separate website,  "Moleculaire Erfelijkheid/Molecular Genetics".......

More on 
Molecular Genetics

From August 2003 until January 2006 I worked on the project Front Office Medewerker (=front office employee) of the Horizon College. Besides the Horizon College,  the colleges ROC AŽdam and ROC Eindhoven, and the the municipalities of the town Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Schagen and Wieringen and the Chamber of Commerce (northwest region) and the Ecabo were in the project. This has yielded a simulation, uesed by the Legal Services of some MBO colleges. The simulation is now one of the products of the Stichting Praktijkleren in Amersfoort. I am involved in the further development of the simulation Front Office Medewerker as webmaster and web developer (development of the website and the database).

Besides my work I have many hobbies, including hiking, traveling, breeding of plants,  writing about plants, photography and sculpture. On this Web location I also pay attention to these activities. In 2009, the building of this website and its (sub) sites will be continued, so come and check regularly..

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  • From 7 June till 21 December 2002 I took part in the photo exhibition "A Century of Rope" (on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the NKBV) in the Dutch Sports Museum Olympion in Lelystad

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Pro-Partners webvertising - Tel: 040 213 64 60


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  • The "artist center" in the old "Volkskrant" building (Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam), where I make my statues
  • Pictures of our new studio in the cellar of the old "Volkskrant" building

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Traveling is one of my main hobbies. The map below indicate the countries I have visited so far. In many of these countries I have been walking, of which you can read a report on my hiking site. Also I made pictures that can be found on my photography website.



From the start of the formation of my homepage (December 1996) until now my site has been quite some publicity. My website was discussed several times ..............
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